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Driving an electric car feels like a game — and that's a good thing

The rolling hills of Northern California appeared before me; the river where gold was first discovered in the 1800s rushed past. But all I wanted to do was gawk at the electronic dashboard behind the wheel.

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IoT’s Role in Revolutionizing Agriculture

It’s rare to see tech headlines about agriculture, but the field (pardon the pun) is often at the forefront of implementing new technology

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Here’s the next big step Apple should take to protect our privacy

Just about every major tech company and startup is talking about privacy these days—and it’s about time. For over two decades, most consumers have given their online privacy about as much thought as they do to the same Starbucks drink they order day after day. But if any good has come from all the major data breaches and privacy scandals of the past few years, it’s been that people are becoming more aware of how much their online privacy matters.

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Google needs to pull itself together

Google. You either love it, hate it or, most likely, love to hate it.

It sounds strange to say this about a massively profitable and venerable Silicon Valley giant, but Google’s really got a lot of potential.

Google has some of the most powerful cloud services, industry-leading artificial intelligence, incredible content and even brilliant hardware.

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