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Mixed Reality and the Future of Healthcare

 The healthcare field is constantly being changed by new drugs, new studies, and new therapies.

However, the field often lags when it comes to adopting new technology, and even making the seemingly straightforward move to electronic records has proven to be a lengthy process

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Eightfold uses AI to match job seekers with open positions

It’s not easy finding qualified job candidates. In sectors such as health care and financial services, the average time to hire is upwards of 49 days, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. And hiring is expensive — as much as $4,129 for a single position.

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Machine Learning with a twist: How trivial labels can be used to predict policy changes

A clever algorithm that has digested seven decades’ worth of articles in China’s state-run media is now ready to predict its future policies. The research design of this “crystal ball” can also be applied to tackling a variety of other problems.

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Vivoom, Viber and Dugout join forces to drive FC Barcelona's digital fan engagement and brand safety

Viber is integrating consumer activation platform Vivoom into its FC Barcelona chatbot, to enable visitors to Camp Nou, FC Barcelona’s home stadium, to create and share unique end-to-end videos.

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