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Planning for an intelligent future

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has firmly taken root in our everyday lives and in many instances, such as the smart speakers we find in our homes, this AI is apparent and relatively simple.

But when you use that same speaker to make an online purchase, you may be less aware of the complex AI that is involved in the process of picking and packing that item in a warehouse and routing it for delivery to your doorstep.

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AI Projects Fail — Here's Why

When thinking about starting your AI project, you’re likely feeling a combination of excitement and concern. Wow, this can be amazing. All the success stories, the numbers of sales increase, revenue many opportunities! But on the other hand, what if it goes wrong?




5G takeover: The next-gen network will cover 65% of the global population by 2025

Mobile subscriptions are increasing with the release of 5G, according to an Ericsson report on Monday. A total of 13 million 5G subscriptions are expected to exist by the end of 2019. And by 2025, 5G networks will support nearly half of the world's mobile data traffic, with the potential to cover up to 65% of the world's population in 2025, the report found.

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Amazon, Google, Microsoft: Here's Who Has the Greenest Cloud

“Data is the new oil” may have outlasted its usefulness as a metaphor, but one aspect still rings true: Both industries have a serious environmental footprint. According to the Department of Energy, data centers account for about 2 percent of all electricity use in the US.

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