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IoT Trends: 2020 and Beyond

The Internet of Things continues its brisk and steady rise as our planet and everything in it becomes connected

However, disruptive new trends are likely to emerge over the next few years that will pave the way for a complete overhaul in the way we view and interact with our world.

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McDonald's Installs AI-Powered Menus To Predict Orders

McDonald’s is tapping artificial intelligence to customize its outdoor digital menu displays to show food based on weather, time of day, current traffic and trending menu items.

The AI technology is coming from Dynamic Yield, an Israeli personalization tech company McDonald’s acquired in March.

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The real Internet of Things?

Much has been said about Internet of Things (IoT) technology. The term is cited in many papers and conferences as one of the revolutionary resources of the industry today, but is this technology really so recent, asks Ivano Jose Cunha, director of Research and Development at Brazil’s Link Electronics?

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Health care is still stitching together IoT systems

Government regulations, safety and technical integration are all serious issues facing the use of IoT in medicine, but professionals in the field say that medical IoT is moving forward despite the obstacles. A vendor, a doctor, and an IT pro all spoke to Network World about the work involved.

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