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Self-Driving Cars: New Business Models & Widespread Disruption

Although it might be some time before self-driving cars are available at local dealerships, there’s no question that the technology is rapidly coming online

Many people are excited at the prospect of having a self-driving car of their own, but the impact on society will likely be far larger than many imagine, with innovative uses taking center stage and a broad range of industries poised to face significant disruption. Here are a few business models likely to be enabled by self-driving cars and some of the effects the technology will have on society.

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Stelco partners with Canvass Analytics to augment intelligent operations using AI in steel operations

 Canvass Analytics Inc. a global supplier in AI software for intelligent industrial operations, is proud to announce that it has signed an agreement with Stelco, the owners of North America’s newest and most technologically advanced integrated steel making facilities, to use Canvass’s AI platform to transform its steel operations, improve yield and boost productivity

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Bringing IoT to old-school industries without disruption is challenging

In the enterprise half of the IoT world, heavy industries like energy, manufacturing, and automotive are the biggest success stories for the new technology, but the prospect of integrating their existing computerized-orchestration and management technology with modern industrial IOT gear can be daunting.

The vast majority of IIoT deployments are attempts to layer modern sensors, edge gateways, and communications modules over the top of existing frameworks like SCADA, which means updating legacy sensors and other hardware where possible

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AI Weekly: Education is essential for the future of AI, MIT panel says

Six titans of industry stood onstage at MIT’s Kresge Auditorium yesterday, assembled to speak on a panel about artificial intelligence (AI), including David H. Koch Institute professor Robert Langer; Helen Greiner, cofounder of iRobot, the Bedford-based company perhaps best known for its line of autonomous vacuum cleaners; Xiao’ou Tang, founder of computer vision startup SenseTime, which last year raised $1.2 billion in venture capital at a valuation of more than $4.5 billion; and Eric Schmidt, former executive chairman of Google.

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