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IoT Evolution: Disruptive Trends

The growth of the Internet of Things continues unabated, and constant innovation in the field makes it difficult to anticipate exactly how it will evolve over time

However, some trends are clear, and there are good reasons to believe certain projections are safe bets. Here are nine trends that will influence the near- and mid-term future of the IoT.

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Why analytics platforms are failing your Data Scientists

With a saturated analytics and business intelligence (A&BI) market, why are we still struggling to make analytics platforms work for Data Scientists? And perhaps more importantly, why are we failing to see a return on our expensive Data Science initiatives? It’s not for a lack of effort, a lack of spending, or a lack of desire. So what’s the hold up? Raed on to find out.

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Robots Are Actually Teaching Humans To Be More Compassionate

In a shocking twist when it comes to the world of artificial intelligence, robots are now teaching humans how to be more humane.

Humana Pharmacy created an AI algorithm for their call centers that instruct employees to be kinder and more empathetic to customers while on calls. The system was built by Cogito, an artificial intelligence firm, and gives a new spin on how we can use AI for good.

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Urban Innovations: Connected Parking and Future Mobility

Transport digitalization is the next step in making UK cities smarter, and with 30 percent of city traffic made up of people looking for parking, connected parking services could reduce congestion and improve public perception of the government’s ability to modernize.

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