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AI in Healthcare: Everything You Need to Know

study by Accenture has predicted that growth in the AI healthcare space is expected to touch $6.6 billion by 2021 with a CAGR of 40%

As on today, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are well and truly poised to make the work of healthcare providers more logical & streamlined than repetitive. The technology is helping shape personalized healthcare services while significantly reducing the time to look for information that is critical to decision making and facilitating better care for patients.




IoT devices now top targets for cybercriminals

Internet of Things (IoT) is now the number one target for hackers all over the world. This is according to a new report from F5 Labs, which claims hackers are shifting their focus from web and application services, as well as email servers.

Most attacks are coming from Brazil (18 per cent of them), followed by China and Japan. On the receiving end is mostly Spain, who had suffered 80 per cent of all monitored traffic in the first half of 2018. Other notable mentions are Russia and Hungary.

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5G versus 4G: How speed, latency and application support differ

You've probably already heard about 5G, the new cellular technology that's poised to bring massive change to both mobile and fixed wireless data networks. What you may be wondering is how 5G differs from 4G, the current cellular network standard, and what benefits the new technology will bring both enterprises and individual users.

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Tim Cook to Apple employees: iPhone activations in US, Canada

After Apple cut its Q1 revenue forecast by $9bn, CEO Tim Cook reminded employees in a memo obtained by Bloomberg that there are still some bright points, including a record number of new iPhone activations in the US and Canada on Christmas day. 


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The note about record activations comes as Apple for the first time did not report quarterly unit sales of the iPhone, which it's done since the launch of the iPhone in 2007. However, Cook admitted to staff that Apple didn't set a new record for iPhone sales in Q1. 

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