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Six Ways Big Data Can Refine Your Digital Marketing Efforts

What’s the one thing that all digital marketers must know? The fact that data is king on today’s marketing landscape. Having comprehensive and accurate data is essential for making effective marketing decisions. It can help executives identify industry trends and discover potential customers, making big data analysis important for optimizing your marketing strategies.

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Digital Transformation Workforce Evolution

Currently, many companies view digital transformation as being technology-driven. Machine learning, cloud architecture, microservices, augmented reality, and IIoT platforms are just some of the technologies driving endless discussion among end users as well as fierce competition among solution providers

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Is predictive maintenance the 'gateway drug' to the Industrial IoT?

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is entering a new stage to one where enterprises are testing the technology, with predictive maintenance as the starting point for many, says Chris Nelson, VP of engineering at OSIsoft.



Is AI that detects real-time accidents the future of safe servitization?

The world’s first artificially intelligent personal safety device has just launched its first batch of pre-orders, is this the future of accident detection for lone workers employing manufacturing services?


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