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IBM launches blockchain-based supply chain service with AI, IoT integration

Tied to its existing Sterling Order Management System service, the new blockchain and AI-enabled cloud offering enables real-time views of order shipments, alerts and optimization recommendations.

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Seizing the IoT Ecosystem Opportunity

The number of devices on the market with internet connectivity currently is staggering, and not set to slow down any time soon

In fact, industry experts predict that, by 2021, there will be between 27 and 40 billion interconnected devices making up the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Facebook Isn't Responsible for Policing the Internet, Clegg Says

Facebook Inc. has made mistakes in controlling the use of its data and has improved its monitoring of fake news but can’t be expected to police the global internet, spokesman Nick Clegg said in an interview in El Pais.

vía Bloomberg

The coming healthtech revolution driven by 5G

Technology is driving a healthcare revolution. Building on data-mediated tools and practices, the ongoing digitalization of healthcare and personal wellbeing is set to reshape the nature of healthcare management. This healthtech revolution includes advancements in sensor-driven data collection, predictive analytics, and 5G telecommunications networks.

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