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Why 24×7 Connectivity is Key to Ensure Safety and Control in Intelligent Transport Projects

We might be some time away from highways full of completely autonomous vehicles, but the foundations for connected transportation are already deployed and in full working order in some forward-looking cities.

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Stratus Technologies collaborates with Microsoft to accelerate Internet of Things solutions

Stratus Technologies, a global provider of simplified, protected, autonomous Edge Computing solutions, announced the improved integration of its products with the Microsoft Azure Certified for Internet of Things (IoT) cloud platform.

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Forrester: Edge computing is about to bloom

he next calendar year will be the one that propels edge computing into the enterprise technology limelight for good, according to a set of predictions from Forrester Research.

While edge computing is primarily an IoT-related phenomenon, Forrester said that addressing the need for on-demand compute and real-time app engagements will also play a role in driving the growth of edge computing in 2020.

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AI Projects Fail — Here's Why

When thinking about starting your AI project, you’re likely feeling a combination of excitement and concern. Wow, this can be amazing. All the success stories, the numbers of sales increase, revenue many opportunities! But on the other hand, what if it goes wrong?




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