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Eight Common Chatbot Myths Debunked

Chatbots are one of the hottest topics in technology today. We read and hear a lot about it, including a number of misconceptions

The interest for bots is not going to slow down: a study shows that 80% of businesses want to start using chatbots in the next two years. To implement the technology properly, companies should be aware of the real potential and limitations

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What network pros need to know about IoT

Be prepared for management complexity, immature standards, IoT security challenges, and more edge computing.

Architecting for the Internet of Things creates a whole new ballgame for network pros.

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5 Startups & Scaleups To Watch Out For at DN18

An insider tip: if you’re looking for the real inside track on tech innovation at a conference, look to the startups. Undoubtedly the larger companies have the resources and brainpower to fuel the innovations of tomorrow, but many of the nascent ideas which will revolutionise the ways we live and work originate in small companies with big visions.

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We need more Edisons than Einsteins  -  How Edison’s Techniques Can Accelerate New Industrial Revolution With IoT

Edison said, “To have a great idea, have a lot of them”. In the past, whether you were a tech startup or an enterprise product team trying to launch a new tech business, there were huge barriers to starting a new venture. It was prohibitively expensive to procure the servers, software and necessary IT equipment to just experiment and test whether the new idea was worth pursuing.


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