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Driving an electric car feels like a game — and that's a good thing

The rolling hills of Northern California appeared before me; the river where gold was first discovered in the 1800s rushed past. But all I wanted to do was gawk at the electronic dashboard behind the wheel.




How to attract and retain the important, but elusive, data scientist

Most organisations forget that recruiting the right talent is just as much about them as it is about the potential candidates. For example, does the organisation provide an interesting and successful environment for the data scientist to thrive in? Does it create new opportunities and positions for data scientists? Does it support its data scientists and allow them the freedom to work creatively? 

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AI in cybersecurity – friend or foe?

It’s no news that advances in AI and machine learning have enormous transformative potential for cybersecurity defences.

However, rapid advances in technology also result in big opportunities for hackers to get smarter and faster. So, when it comes to cybersecurity, is AI a friend or foe?

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Data governance: The importance of getting it righ

With ever-increasing storage capacity, organisations are needing to take more control of their file management systems with thorough data governance policies. Otherwise, they run the risk of project data being exposed

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