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Applying Machine Learning: Decisions Matter

Over the years, the amount of data businesses capture has skyrocketed, largely thanks to the Internet of Things and cheap storage

Now, companies are focusing on the next step: Doing as much as possible with this data. Although typical statistical and analytical tools can extract valuable insight, making the most of data requires a burgeoning technology: Machine learning. Here are some of the ways businesses are leveraging machine learning and some of the most powerful and popular tools

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5G or faux G?

I am so, so tired of reading stories proclaiming the mobile wonders of the world of tomorrow. 5G will bring up 8K videos to our self-driving cars, and it will do it 100 times faster than 4G! Give me a break.

I am not cynical. I am realistic. And the reality is that 5G will not be that fast. And at least for the next few years, it will be available in just a few cities, and only in a few square blocks of those. In other words, it would be foolish this year to pay extra for any of the handful of 5G phones that will be available. Same goes for 2020. And, for that matter, 2021.

Let me tell you why.

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Getting Ahead of the Competition with a Digital Workforce

The digital workforce is coming

In fact, it’s almost here as businesses enter either the implementation stage or begin seriously investigating it. The reason for all of this interest is twofold. Firstly, digital workforces have the ability to enable business operations teams to enhance, accelerate and customize key processes that deliver clear customer satisfaction and operational improvements. Secondly, global enterprises now have the chance to operate as smaller, faster and more agile companies while still maintaining their own advantages of scale and size.

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How to Make a Chatbot With AI

The world is slowly moving towards intelligent business systems that can make important decisions or perform vital actions on behalf of humans while offering a personalized experience. AI Chatbots are the latest rage in the current business technology scene ranging from e-commerce systems to hospitality management systems. The key advantages are anytime and anywhere interactions, which give the business global access to potential customers.

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