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Accelerating Analytics with Modern Data Preparation

Across any industry, data is an imperative

Today’s business leaders understand that they compete on information as much as the goods and services that they provide. No longer is there any doubt that organisations should be data-driven; now, it’s a matter of how to accelerate and mature analytics initiatives, and how to increase their accessibility beyond a core data science team. Reaching this “transformative” level in data and analytics is inextricably tied to growth, and a top priority for organisations worldwide. Gartner reports that in recent years, this area has been a number one investment priority for CIOs.

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A Data Scientist’s relationship with building Predictive Models

A quarter of a Data Scientist’s working life often goes something like this: You met with business stakeholders to scope the model and what it should do. You gathered, ingested, explored, and prepped the data. You iteratively built, tested, and tweaked the model. And then — just when you finally hit the AUC (Area Under the Curve)  threshold you had been targeting — you shared it with business stakeholders, and chances are, it wasn’t exactly what they had in mind.

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Most Brands Hear From Just 1% Of Their Customers (But This One Activity Can Get You a 91% Response Rate)

Most brands hear from just one percent of their customers, according to a recent study. But there's a way they can hear from a staggering 91% of them.

The one caveat?

They have to be mobile-app-using customers.

Apptentive just released its 2019 mobile customer engagement report, based on data from 1,400 apps. Those 1400 apps have engaged in half a billion customer conversations for Fortune 500 brands across two billion devices worldwide, the company says

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Future IoT networks need innovation in mobile spectrum

It’s almost three years since the UN declared internet access as a human right. Today, a nation looking to be a global digital leader and preparing the country for the advent of IoT, seamless, high speed connectivity is non-negotiable.

The connectivity of the future is 5G, says Adam Leach, director of emerging technology, Nominet. This next generation of mobile communications promises to enable a multitude of new use cases beyond our smartphones, with the potential to transform industries from agriculture through to manufacturing. Indeed, if the Internet of Things (IoT) is truly to fulfil potential and deliver far-reaching benefits, robust and consistent 5G connections must be standard nationwide.

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