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Improving Quality of Life in Future Cities: Data as a Tool to Promote Sustainability

@DataconomyMediaThe challenges facing cities in the 21st century are greater than ever. A new focus is required to overcome the emerging social, technological, economic, environmental, and political forces exerting pressure on cities. This new focus must address how to create cities that are sustainable– for citizens, for business and for the environment.

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Your 2019 AI Predictions

AI is nothing new, and academics have been at work with ideas like cybernetics and the brain-computer interface since mid-last century. But IoT and it's data deluge, data lakes, and advances in Machine Learning have made AI step outside of academic to mainstream enterprises and into our homes, cities, and workplaces. From healthcare to cybersecurity to manufacturing, enterprises are working hard to integrate AI into their products, devices, and services.

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Blockchain: What’s it good for? Absolutely nothing, report finds

In a joint report for the Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning (MERL) Technology conference this fall, researchers who studied 43 blockchain use cases came to the conclusion that all underdelivered on claims.

And, when they reached out to several blockchain providers about project results, the silence was deafening. "Not one was willing to share data," the researchers said in their blog post.

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All Seeing AI: Video Analytics in Action

Ubiquitous compute in various form factors has created unimaginably complex and powerful video analysis systems

If you have an iPhone X or a Windows Hello-capable device, like the Surface, you’ll know just how seamless these capabilities can make your experience. These advanced systems, coupled with falling storage costs and better compression algorithms have enabled organisations to capture and analyze a remarkable amount of video. Throw in artificial intelligence tools are now widely used to analyze video without requiring time-intensive human interaction. Modern tools are making video analytics a no brainer in a number of fields.

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