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IoT Evolution: Disruptive Trends

The growth of the Internet of Things continues unabated, and constant innovation in the field makes it difficult to anticipate exactly how it will evolve over time

However, some trends are clear, and there are good reasons to believe certain projections are safe bets. Here are nine trends that will influence the near- and mid-term future of the IoT.

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These are the 5G-enabled devices you can get right now

The year of our Lord 2019 marked the first time wireless 5G service became commercially available in the United States, but there are some major caveats to that statement. After all, the number of places where you can actually get 5G service is still pretty small.

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Why analytics platforms are failing your Data Scientists

With a saturated analytics and business intelligence (A&BI) market, why are we still struggling to make analytics platforms work for Data Scientists? And perhaps more importantly, why are we failing to see a return on our expensive Data Science initiatives? It’s not for a lack of effort, a lack of spending, or a lack of desire. So what’s the hold up? Raed on to find out.

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UPS Joins Self-Driving Race By Investing In Autonomous Tech Startup TuSimple

UPS is jumping into the self-driving vehicle world by investing in TuSimple, a fast-moving developer of robot truck technology that the Atlanta-based shipping giant sees as offering opportunities to boost its on-road safety and efficiency.

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