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Big Data: Driving Change in Smart Vehicle Architecture

Whenever you see a driverless car making its way around town, it is collecting valuable data

Whether that’s data about the width of the road, other surrounding vehicles or pedestrians crossing the street, or information on how the car is handling the road surface – it’s taking it all in and it doesn’t stop. Autonomous vehicles are information rich and are increasingly defined by software which is generating vast amounts of data to train its artificially intelligent (AI) algorithms – all fundamental ingredients needed for cars to drive themselves safely without any human assistance

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AI now tracks fishing activity, but it's making fishermen unhappy

Spanish company Satlink expects big growth in the use of artificial intelligence to observe fishing activity, despite opposition from some fishermen

There are plenty of fish in the sea. But collecting accurate data on catching them remains a challenge.

Traditionally, information on fishing activity has come from a combination of sources: fishermen's paper logbooks, data collected by independent observers on landings and discards, and from shoreside dealers.

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Alfresco concept uses AI and AWS to help you apply for a bank loan

 As the financial services industry increasingly turns to AI to improve customer experience and improve business outcomes, Alfresco offers an AWS-powered loan application process.

The process of applying for a bank loan is arduous, at best, as a combination of regulation and lack of focus on improving the user experience conspire to make applications unpleasant to fill out. Likewise, loan officers are often subject to the drudgery of manually verifying information across stacks of differing forms, a task which can be more easily performed by computers.

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AI adoption advances, but foundational barriers remain

Survey respondents report the rapid adoption of AI and expect only a minimal effect on head count. Yet few companies have in place the foundational building blocks that enable AI to generate value at scale.

The adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly taking hold across global business, according to a new McKinsey Global Survey on the topic

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