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Privacy, Identity, & Autonomy in the age of Big Data and AI

As AI becomes more ubiquitous, we face big questions as a global society

We’re now used to big data algorithms building patterns about our behaviours, interests and opinions as consumers and social media users. But are we aware of how much these practices can intrude on our privacy?

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A Startup Is Suing Facebook, Princeton For Stealing Its AI Data

Intellectual Dishonesty

A Lithuanian company called Planner 5D is suing both Facebook and Princeton University for stealing its artificial intelligence training data — an early skirmish in the strange new legal frontiers of AI.


Rule-Based Bots or AI Bots? Which One Do You Prefer?

Chatbots are not new in the technological arena. They are a lot smarter now than their predecessors. The primary reason is being a new age Artificial Intelligence augmentation as well as other technical advancements by the AI development companies. Let’s think about the bots that are appreciably smart and answer logically. They are often confused with smart assistants like Google assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple’s Siri. We know that at present chatbots cannot solve complex situations without human intervention. There will soon be a day when we won’t be able to tell the difference between human conversation and a chatbot.

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ABB pilots industrial AI application using 5G

The solution is implemented in partnership with Nordic telecom operator Telia and software engineering firm Atostek Oy.

The AI application will support the plant’s workers by monitoring the assembly of the drives by camera and ensuring they are correctly assembled according to a customer’s order and applicable work instructions, ABB said.

The 5G connections will provide workers with real-time feedback, making assembly significantly easier, the company added.

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