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What you look like as a Renaissance painting, according to AI

Algorithms have become impressive painters. Many of the AI art projects that transform images into paintings use a technique known as style transfer, in which the algorithm copies surface-level, stylistic elements of a body of paintings over to a modern day photo

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Tesla And Elon Musk Might Find Their Way To Self-Driving Cars Via Neuralink And Brainjacking

I was speaking at an AI autonomous vehicle industry event this week and was asked whether there is any kind of connection between Elon Musk’s efforts with Tesla and his activities with Neuralink, which is his futuristic play on using advanced tech to tap into human brains.

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Attacks against AI systems are a growing concern

European research group says attacks against AI systems are already occurring, difficult to identify, and could be far more common than currently understood.

Cyber attackers currently focus most of their efforts on manipulating existing artificial intelligence (AI) systems for malicious purposes, instead of creating new attacks that use machine learning.

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The AI technique that could imbue machines with the ability to reason

At six months old, a baby won’t bat an eye if a toy truck drives off a platform and seems to hover in the air. But perform the same experiment a mere two to three months later, and she will instantly recognize that something is wrong. She has already learned the concept of gravity.


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