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OpenAI Just Released the AI It Said Was Too Dangerous to Share

n February, artificial intelligence research startup OpenAI announced the creation of GPT-2, an algorithm capable of writing impressively coherent paragraphs of text.

But rather than release the AI in its entirety, the team shared only a smaller model out of fear that people would use the more robust tool maliciously — to produce fake news articles or spam, for example.

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AI Projects Fail — Here's Why

When thinking about starting your AI project, you’re likely feeling a combination of excitement and concern. Wow, this can be amazing. All the success stories, the numbers of sales increase, revenue many opportunities! But on the other hand, what if it goes wrong?

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The Top 5 Issues Faced by Futurists

Technology affects every aspect of our lives. It affects the way we communicate, and how we travel, but it also determines how we learn, how we bank, and the way we run our businesses. Futurist speakers think about those changes and try to understand how they’ll affect us. Here are the top five issues faced by futurists and the areas to which they’re paying a lot of attention.

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Gartner: Top 10 strategic technology trends for 2020

The pace of technology change is accelerating rapidly, augmented by factors that IT pros need to study-up on, things they never had to deal with before like hyperautomation, multiexperience, and human augmentation that Gartner says will have a significant impact on enterprises.

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