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Robots Are Actually Teaching Humans To Be More Compassionate

In a shocking twist when it comes to the world of artificial intelligence, robots are now teaching humans how to be more humane.

Humana Pharmacy created an AI algorithm for their call centers that instruct employees to be kinder and more empathetic to customers while on calls. The system was built by Cogito, an artificial intelligence firm, and gives a new spin on how we can use AI for good.

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Microsoft invests $1B with OpenAI to pursue AI for Azure

Microsoft announced on Monday that it is investing $1 billon with San Francisco-based research firm OpenAI to develop large-scale AI solutions for Microsoft Azure.

The goal of the partnership is to accelerate breakthroughs in AI and power OpenAI’s efforts to create artificial general intelligence (AGI). Along the same line as humans, AGI enables computers to learn new skills and complete various tasks on their own. Currently, AI can learn specific tasks, but can't learn new problems on its own.

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: The Brain of a Smart City

The data collected by sensors and IoT devices in the smart city have to, somehow, be used. Information can provide insights to spot patterns and trends. If you have enough of it, aka big data, you can get a pretty accurate picture of whatever it is you’re exploring. For example, smart grids, with enough information at hand, can use data to determine peaks and troughs in electricity need and to then adjust output. This optimizes the use of energy, helping in the drive to sustainability.

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6 ways AI and IoT is transforming business world in 2019

From managing inventories to improving personalised shopping experiences and assisting in data mining, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things) is transforming how people do business today.

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