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Video Analytics and the Data Boom

Since the data boom businesses have been looking for new ways in which to collect the reams of data available to assist their decision-making

This includes revolutionary tactics such as data patterns and trend spotting.

In many cases, there is a lack of collaboration between a company’s IT department that will analyse data, and those with real business insight who want to use it. It’s important that companies look for new forms of data with which to create actionable results. This is a shift that we are already seeing and is going to continue throughout the year as businesses maintain their data education and practise.

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Best of Both Worlds: AI With Psychological Traits

In the world of mimicking human emotions artificially, let's explore how AI can be applied to psychology.

Behavior is the data in the field of psychology. While Natural Language Programming helps with classification and sentiment analytics, Neuro-Linguistic Programming can help in identifying and analyzing the patterns in thinking and behaving. It can also provide recommendations for the betterment of humankind

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AnotherBrain Reveals a New Generation of Artificial Intelligence

notherBrain is bringing its Organic AI™ technology that can transform every sensor into a smart sensor for use in industrial automation, automotive and IoT markets.

AnotherBrain’s technology is explainable by design, uses low energy, and low data in order to make the deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) in factory and logistics more practical and effective. The customers’ journey is simplified as a result of an ergonomic user interface and Organic AITM‘s ability to operate without a cloud connection

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The Air Force Is Building AI to Fly Fighter Jets Called “Skyborg”

The U.S. Air Force recently announced a new artificial intelligence program that it’s calling “Skyborg,” which military leaders hope will be able to autonomously fly drones and fighter jets in the coming years.

Even before it’s flying planes on its own — The Drive reports that the Air Force expects drone flights in 2021 and fighter plane flights in 2023 — Skyborg’s AI could help human pilots manage the overwhelming nature of aerial combat and complex plane controls during missions by helping make sense of everything happening around the pilot and quickly recommending courses of action


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