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The 1927 film Metropolis was most likely the first movie ever created about a robot taking over the world

This German expressionist film was not sophisticated (in fact, science fiction writer H.G. Wells said the movie was downright “silly”) but it did have some merit. If nothing else, it started an entire genre of films exploring the freakish possibilities of artificial intelligence

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Making AI More Emotional - Part One

Emotions are our most human quality, but what if we could teach AI to understand our feelings? The goal of artificial intelligence (AI) research has shifted over the years; to compute what humans could not, to beat us in specific tasks, and most recently to create an algorithm that can show its working. But while the majority of research has been concentrated on narrow AI that can do one thing very well, others have been working on the alchemic pursuit of making algorithms more human.

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Data and AI Experts Share Predictions with Databricks: What the Future Holds for AI, Big Data and Analytics

2018 was an unmatched year for the tech industry, with several sectors including artificial intelligence (AI), big data and analytics garnering increased investment and innovation. With 90 percent of enterprises already investing in AI technologies, the steady momentum shows immense opportunities for growth – for both technology providers as well as the customers they serve.

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Meet Aurora: Finland's AI assistant aims to give each citizen tailored advice

In Finland, the government is piloting a pioneering use of AI that could result in the most ambitious public-sector AI assistant in the world.

Christened Aurora, the AI assistant is a digital platform that aims to offer a personalized selection of services to each user, filtering them according to his or her individual needs at particular moments in life.

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