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AT&T & Verizon's Battle Over Public Safety Spills Into 5G


AT&T and Verizon are locked in a heated battle over which carrier should sell wireless services to public safety users like police, firefighters and other first responders. And that battle is now spilling into a new front: 5G.

"As we build out 5G, it will be made available to public safety, just at the same time it will be made available to any other customer in terms of the network capability," said Tami Erwin, chief of Verizon's new Business unit and the executive in charge of selling Verizon services to public safety

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How can the challenges of 5G be overcome?

The opportunities that a more advanced connectivity network is promising continue to escalate, and with good reason. But there are still problems that need to be overcome if the promise of 5G is to become a beneficial reality.

In a nutshell, 5G promises faster speed, reduced latency, a more reliable connection and should we need it (and let’s be honest, we probably do) the ability to connect many more devices to the internet.


US tells Germany to ban Huawei on 5G or it will share less intelligence: Report

The Trump administration has reportedly told Germany that it will share less intelligence with German agencies if Chinese networking giant Huawei is allowed to provide any of the technology behind the nation's 5G mobile networks.

According to The Wall Street Journal, United States Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell told the German government in a letter on Friday that allowing Chinese vendor equipment across 5G networks would reduce US cooperation with intelligence agencies in Germany


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EU Parliament has ‘deep concerns’ about Chinese 5G gear while German spooks brand Huawei untrustworthy

The EU Parliament has stated it has ‘deep concerns’ about Chinese 5G gear while German intelligence officials brand Huawei's gear untrustworthy.

Europe has been fairly open to Chinese telecoms vendors in the past, so companies such as Huawei were hopeful European countries wouldn't follow the likes of the US and Australia in banning equipment.

To be clear – the EU Parliament hasn't yet banned Chinese 5G equipment, but its comments today are pretty damning.

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