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5G and edge cloud will transform the world of gaming

magine a billion dollar sports business, a global audience of over 300 million fans and no ball, stadium or field. 

Welcome to the world of Esports, competitive online gaming where a millisecond of a lag could separate winners from losers. In 2015, a professional Dota 2 team from South Korea spent more than $13,000 to fly to Singapore to reduce their lag by one-tenth of a second. Suffice it to say, in the world of esports, high-speed connectivity matters.

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5G smartphones will surpass 4G ones by 2023

5G-enabled smart devices will reach 800 million units in 2023, occupying 51% of all smartphone shipments, according to a Canalys report released on Monday. This means 5G smartphones will outnumber 4G smartphones in the next four years.




Nokia CEO: Huawei crackdown would harm the whole industry

The chief executive of Nokia has warned that increased regulation over Huawei concerns will harm the whole industry.

Rajeev Suri’s comments were aimed towards European governments who are deliberating over whether to allow Huawei in 5G networks – or to what extent.

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Qualcomm: Industrial 5G will start late 2019, taking its cues from consumer 5G

The industrial 5G market will benefit from the consumer 5G market, with network deployments starting in earnest in late 2019 and early 2020, as industrial devices take advantage of the muscular combination of connectivity, compute power, and security brought to bear in 5G smartphones.

This is the message from Qualcomm, on stage at Hannover Messe 2019 last month to give a view of the market’s prep-work for industrial 5G and IoT. The US chip-maker has followed its Snapdragon-based LTE/5G X50 module, powering existing 5G handsets, with a second-generation X55, compatible with standalone 5G, and pitched to the industrial set.

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