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Why it’s OK that Google didn’t announce a Pixel 4 phone with 5G

Google has announced the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, but a 5G version was absent from its otherwise-packed Made by Google event. If you’re questioning why Google hasn’t made a 5G Pixel 4, then you should ask yourself a question: If it had, would you have spent the extra money to get one this year?

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5G awareness and interest high but consumers struggle to see benefits

With 5G networks across the major global markets being switched on with increasing regularity, backed by huge marketing campaigns, the ramp-up of the next-generation communications technology would seem a matter of time, but research is suggesting that consumers are not yet seeing the light.

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Global 5G users projected to reach 1.5B by 2024

Data and analytics company GlobalData reported the number of global 5G subscriptions is expected to hit 1.5 billion in the next five years. The Asia-Pacific region will lead the way in 5G adoption,accounting for 954 million subscriptions by 2024, followed by North America at 254 million and Europe at 242 million. Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East  will be slower to adopt 5G.

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EU Warns of 5G Risks Amid Scrutiny of Huawei

The European Union has identified a series of specific security threats posed by foreign vendors of telecommunications equipment, significantly heightening the bloc’s scrutiny of suppliers like Huawei Technologies Co., according to officials familiar with the matter

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