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There are 355 smart city projects in 221 cities

There are 355 smart city projects in 221 cities, according to a new report from Navigant Research; almost one in five now cut across multiple industry sectors, as smart city integration gathers pace. ( by enterpriseiotinsights.com)

Met Police embrace digital transformation to ensure data security ( by technative)

During a typical day, however, many officers spend a significant amount of time filling out paperwork, sifting through data, and finding out how to access information.

Top 5: Ways to end resistance to digital transformation

Maybe your company's leadership is on board with digital transformation, but chances are, there's some resistance. Here's how to convince executives that it will benefit the business ( by TechRepublic)

Three Ways Tech Is Fueling Growth in the Sports Industry

While this passion for sports may seem timeless, the introduction of new technology in the industry is changing how sports are played, viewed, and monetized. ( by readwrite)

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