12 things you fail to see the internet of things

The IoT is here to stay, and their revolution will be many things that now seem daily to disappear, but now we may seem, here we list 12:

01 methods of physical payment.


Plastic money (credit cards) to cash even cease to exist. Payment methods with the phone as Apple Pay , Android Pay or Google Wallet in the coming years will be the usual form of payment and safer.


02 remote controls.


There are between 2 or 3 remote controls (TV, stereo, air conditioning ...) in each house at least, with the IoT they will disappear and we will have at home a device (Hub) such as an Amazon Echo ( see: Smart Home: Amazon ), a Google home (see: Smart Home: Google Home   ) that will control your appliances devices by voice.


03 Fixed phone.


When a Hub (Echo Amazon or Google Home), and voice calls will be received by the device, as will be distributed throughout the house, they will also disappear cordless phone that will be lost forever.


04 CD's, DVD's, and its reproducers.


Beyond e-books, network services like Spotify, Nextflix .... They will hear the music on the network where you have your lists and your favorite series and movies always ready for playback.


05 keyboard.


With the evolution of voice recognition, that are being developed in hubs we will not need keyboards or computers or devices.


06 Keys.


Now, we have keys to everything (cars, thing, office ...), which are easily lost and you can make copies with a security problem added, with remote control systems security these disappear, for example think in a rental house holiday  with a changed code may be given access to housing, without having to give some keys which you can back or lose.


07 External hard drives and data storage systems.


With the storage system in the Cloud it is no longer necessary to have a hard drive for storing information and be accessible at all times anywhere in the world.


08 Private cars.


Oddly enough with applications for car and the increasingly great difficulty in having private car in large cities, in near future you stop having private car to go to car sharing, use other transportation systems like bike, or getting more comfortable and accurate public transport due of technology.


09 Plows and farming utensils.


With specific sensors for agriculture as control temperature, humidity and soil conditions in the future will not plow the land and determinate the time optimal application when planting and harvesting crops be known.


10 Paper documents.


Electronic signature and storage capacity, more and more businesses where the paper is not involved as buying tickets and tickets for public transport will soon see the demise of paper that give us a more sustainable planet.


11 Water meters, gas ....,


With automatic sensors may have information in real time consumption, it will be charged automatically and we had to go to read at home.


12 Navigators cars.


In addition to applications such as Google Maps that are carried in the mobile and can be used as a navigator, with the connected car besides having knowledge of where the car are at all times, it will have integrated maps that depending on the actual traffic could send you in the most appropriate way.


And certainly the list will continue to grow in the coming months.

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