What is new about Internet of Things [IoT]

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  • Driving an electric car feels like a game — and that's a good thing

  • What Jony Ive’s Years at Apple Can Teach Us About Creativity and Looking Forward

  • 5G and edge cloud will transform the world of gaming

  • Google needs to pull itself together


Top #AI News

  • The Linux Foundation’s Artificial Intelligence Community Announces New Acumos Release Focused on Creation of AI/ML Models

  • Artificial Intelligence: These 3 charts show what people really think

  • AI+EI – A recipe for success or disaster?

  • Meet Hemingway: The Artificial Intelligence Robot That Can Copy Your Handwriting

Top #5G News

  • Nokia reveals 5G-ready lithium nanotube battery with 2.5X run time

  • ABB pilots industrial AI application using 5G

  • Inside Digital Realty’s datacentre playbook

  • Qualcomm: Industrial 5G will start late 2019, taking its cues from consumer 5G

Monthly ( May 2019) news for: #IoT, #DataSecurity, #Cloud, #SmartCities, #AI,#SmartHome, #DigitalTransformation

  • AI Ethics in the Post-GDPR World

  • Facial recognition policy makers debate temporary moratorium vs. permanent ban

  • McDonald's Installs AI-Powered Menus To Predict Orders

  • 5G will hit the IoT market in late 2020 and struggle for years, claims report

IoT: Useful web's

We've selected the best links of IoT with the aim of turning it into a fundamental tool for understanding and working with these tools, these links are not classified as the best nor order nor are they the only ones, what is intended that this classification will serve as a tool work.

12 things you fail to see the internet of things

he IoT is here to stay, and their revolution will be many things that now seem daily to disappear, but now we may seem, here we list 12:

Data Analysis: Edge vs Cloud

The IoT intelligence can be seen at three levels: devices, gateways and centralized computing.

The first two are in the Edge and the third is in the Cloud, we will see that analysis will be convenient to the Edge (much less developed so far) and which in the Cloud.

Analysis: What is the Edge?

IoT intelligence can be developed at three levels. If we measure the distance from centralized equipment, the first level is the farthest and is defined by the ability of the devices to process information, the second level give the gateways (gateways) grouping traffic from different devices and the third level is in infrastructure businesses or centralized platforms to devices and gateways send information.

IoT Data Analysis

An Internet of Things (IoT) architecture has devices, network connecting these devices, platforms that receives the data and take actions, and Data Analysis (Analytics), which give intelligence IoT networks

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